Smart Indoor Billboard that provides dynamic video and QR code capabilities, making it perfect for high-traffic locations.


TOWR: Dynamic Advertising for Grocery Stores

TOWR transforms grocery stores by offering a dynamic platform for targeted advertising and customer engagement. TOWR enhances in-store experiences, promoting products and specials through high-definition videos and interactive QR codes, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.


TOWR: Boosting Hotel Ancillary Revenue with Video Content

TOWR enhances hotels by leveraging short-form video content to boost ancillary revenue. Through expert content creation support and engaging incentives, TOWR drives traffic to hotel amenities like spas and retail outlets while enabling direct guest re-marketing opportunities.


TOWR for FI: Optimizing Digital Engagement

TOWR for FI enhances customer experience and operational efficiency by displaying engaging content and capturing valuable data. It increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, provides immediate customer feedback, and offers insights into branch traffic and engagement

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