Comprehensive Solutions with Innovative Approach

Baumy Media, powering TOWR, specializes in providing comprehensive digital solutions, including hardware, software, content creation, and management.

Their innovative approach to digital advertising leverages the latest technology to enhance customer engagement and brand presence across various industries.

Located in Arabi, Louisiana.Know more about Baumy Media and its services at Baumy Media's Company Page.


Richie Baumy
Founder, CEO
Daniel Rivera
Interim COO
Kristine Moran
Jeremy Bickham
Field Service Technician
John Ledesma
Field Service Technician
Marilu De la Garza
Operations Project Manager
Mel Hanna
FI Sales Executive
Danielle Kiletico
Advertising & Media Executive
Paul Buckley
Business Development
Nicholas Spadaro
Senior Director Of Channel Sales
Yuly Lopez
Marketing Specialist
Estefania Garcia
Executive Assistant
Charley Rothermel
General Counsel
Alejandra Manzano
Customer Success


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